Spanish and French Classroom Games

I love using games in my Spanish and French classroom. It’s always fun to spice up language class and get students out of their seats and moving around. Active learning is so much better than sitting and listening to a lecture. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite Spanish (and French) language games to play in the classroom. Here goes . . .

Chain of Commands
Class Mascot
Class Story (write this on the board)
Conversation Cards
Describing Pictures
Designing T-shirts
Drawing Pictures
The Dropsies
Duck, Duck, Goose (with target vocab)
Guess the Famous Person Game Using 20 Clues
Funny People
Guess the Sentence
Hands Up
Ladder Game
Laminated People Descriptions
Letter Scramble
Magnetic Letters
Puppets/Stuffed Animals
Simon Says
Speed Acting
Speed Vocabulary
Temas y Tapas (Language Café)
Twenty Questions
Verb Train
What Are You Doing?
What Would You Do for Points?
Who Wants to Be a Big Candy Winner?
Write Your Own Fill in the Blank Stories (like MadLibs)

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