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Spanish French Thanksgiving Lesson Plans, Games, Writing Activities

Recipes and Resources – A Tasty Combination!

For many of my Thanksgiving resource descriptions, I write, “Need some time to bake pies and clean the house before your guests arrive or to pack before you travel to visit relatives?  This Spanish Thanksgiving bundle of print and go writing activities, lesson plans, games, and crafts has everything you need to make it through the last 3 days before Thanksgiving break.”

Just received this great feedback from a teacher on one of my Thanksgiving resources that inspired me to write this post.

“So awesome! I seriously DO want more time to bake pies with my own kiddos at home. Thank you!”

Who doesn’t love pie?? So today, I’ll be sharing one of my family’s recipes for chocolate pecan pie, along with some Thanksgiving resources for your classroom. Read more…

Building Classroom Community

Mindshift: A Community Building Exercise

In light of the divisiveness of the most recent elections, thought we could all use something to encourage students (or even adults) to work together.  Take 30-40 minutes to do this activity and trust me, it will be the one class that your students never forget.  It will teach your students to work together, respect others’ ideas, and find solutions to tricky problems.  So important to remind them of the power of collaboration and respect right now. Read more…

World Language Teacher Feature

World Language Teacher Feature – Holly Lamovsky

Teaching can be so lonely sometimes so I  wanted to create an online teacher lounge where all the language teachers can hang out.  We’ll be sharing the up’s and  down’s of teaching, as well as ideas and tips to use in your classroom. Hope you’ll join our World Language Cafe Facebook Group.  The more, the merrier!

Teacher Feature:

To help create a sense of community, I’ll be featuring teacher profiles and stories (one each week).  Here is the first one with Holly Lamovsky, a veteran Spanish teacher from Ohio.  Here’s what she had to say:

Holly Lamovsky

Notes on Desks to Students

Advice for a First Year Teacher

Recently Rachel A. wrote this to me:  “Hola! My name is Rachel and this fall I will be starting my first year as a Spanish teacher.  I’m trying to plan everything that I can for the school year right now but I just don’t even know where to start or what I should have done before school starts! Do you have the time to give me any tips or advice? I would really appreciate it!”

This post is for all the Rachel’s out there, all the new teachers on the front lines of teaching.

“Dear Rachel,

I’ve taught all different types of kids (high achievers, really tough kids, kids who failed Sp. 1 three times, private school students) and I think the most important things are:

1. Show your students that you care about them – greet them at the door each day, find out what they’re interested in, use their names in your sample sentences, write notes on their desks in dry erase marker (1 a day), call their parents when they do something good (don’t tell them ahead of time that you’re doing this – students will spread the word and be psyched). This will also win over the parents who never get called for a kid being good. Read more…

Reading Library, World Language Classroom

Create a Reading Library in Your World Language Classroom

Want to get your students excited about reading in the target language?  

It’s much easier and cheaper than you’d think to create a reading library in your World Language classroom.  By creating a library of children’s books in the target language, Read more…

Using Trifold Flashcards in Your World Language Classroom

Why Traditional Vocabulary Flashcards Just Don’t Work (and What Does)

After using traditional vocabulary and verb flashcards in my World Language classrooms for years, I have finally come to the conclusion that they just aren’t as effective as they could be.  How many bizillions of flashcards have we forced our students to make, yet they still struggle to use the vocabulary and verbs correctly and fluently?

Read more…

Trifold Flashcards - Revolutionize the Way You Teach Verbs, Vocab, and Grammar in Your World Language Classroom!

Revolutionize the Way You Teach Vocab, Verbs, and Grammar!

Do your students struggle with verb conjugations and remembering vocab? Are they unable to use verbs in a sentence without conjugating the whole thing in their heads? Do they misspell verbs and vocab and misuse common grammar on their quizzes?

Guess what? I created a brand new resource called interactive notebook trifold flashcards (INTF’s) to alleviate these problems and I’m giving out free samples in this blog post.  This post shows examples in Spanish, but trifold flashcards are also available in French. Read more…

50 Free French and Spanish Games and Activities

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Connect with Me

Just added this post with all my social media accounts so we can connect with each other.  I love hearing what you have to say, so please get in touch.  Thought you might like to know a little bit about me.  Click here to see my welcome video and get to know me better.

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Changing Habits in Your World Language Classroom

Small Moves to Create Big Changes in Your World Language Classroom

Now is a good time of the year to re-evaluate how things are going in your class.  Have your students settled into their routines?  Are they making good progress towards your language learning goals for them?    Have a few students started to struggle now that you’ve finished review material and are moving on to more challenging topics?  Are there some classroom behaviors that are driving you nuts?  Have you trained all your little mice to snuggle nicely in their house or are they all still in a pig pile every day in class? (see the picture above).

Read more…